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Following the storm, many families were in shock to see that they had lost everything. They would have to start over; from floors to beds to kitchens and baths, everything would need to be replaced and they are in need of funds to restore their lives and homes. OCNJ CARE has been collecting donations and in the first round of funding, more than 100 Ocean City families were provided with much needed money to help their restoration process.

"It is heartbreaking to see so many families in need. To the general public, it may appear that Ocean City is 100% but behind the scenes, there are still properties that are completely devastated. It will be months before some families can return to their homes. Every penny counts and OCNJ CARE is pleased to be able to provide grant money to those who lost everything," says Drew Fasy, Co-chair of OCNJ CARE. "We hope donation money continues to come in so that we may continue to distribute to people in our community who are so greatly in need."

Ocean City businesses were also severely impacted by the storm. Many not only had structural damage but lost their inventory as well, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. OCNJ CARE was also able to provide 35 businesses with much needed aid to be able to reopen and be a viable tax base for our community.

Through the generous donations of food, clothing, money and volunteer time, OCNJ CARE has been able to: supply more than 5,000 hot meals at the Relief Center in St. Peter's United Methodist Church, distribute food and clothing to more than 7,000 individuals at relief centers located at the Ocean City Tabernacle and Ocean City Civic Center, work with more than 400 volunteers to help canvas the Island to assess needs, help more than 200 families with home repairs, cleaning/mold removal and moving, and place more than 50 families in temporary housing.